Friday, July 31, 2009

Turn Signals on A Land Raider (TSOALR) is ending.

Turn Signals on A Land Raider, the best webcomic about Warhammer is ending. Stephen A. Campbell's anouncement;

As many of you know I am ending the production of Turn Signals because I cannot sell collected printed comics and make real money due to Games Workshop’s intellectual property policy and them not being interested in making any kind of mutually adventageous deal with the TSOALR Empire. My advertisers had paid for their space through July and today is the last day of July. Unfortunately, this also works out to be comic number 666 and I just couldn’t leave it that way. So, there will be one more on Monday, just to avoid the last TSOALR comic being the evilest comic ever.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Scratch-Built Looted Wagon

Here is a Space Orkz Scratch-Built Looted Wagon built by one of my friends; Tankut Seber.

Scratch Built Ork Looted Wagon
Front View

Scratch Built Ork Looted Wagon

The material used for the body and track part is called forex. An excellent material which can be cut and shaped easily.

Scratch Built Ork Looted Wagon

Scratch Built Ork Looted Wagon
Back View - This is the place he will put his Ork Boyz.