Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Current Stats of Black Templars

I have received my Vindi today and for now I have the following;

- 2 Assault squads of 8 marines
- 10 men tactical squad with ML and flamer
- 7 men tactical squad (all bolters)
- 7 men close combat squad (1 to be converted to champion)
- 20 scouts (7 with shotgun all other CCW&Bolter)
- 5 terminators (1 with heavy flamer 1 with Assault Cannon)
- 1 Predator Anhilator
- 1 Vindicator
- 1 Land Raider (waiting for the conversion set to Land Raider Crusader)
- 4 Land Speeder Tornado
- 1 Rhino

waiting for;

- 30 space marines (3 flamer, 3 ML)
- 1 Predator Anhilator

Friday, December 01, 2006

Models and camouflage ?

When building models everybody can drop the parts down. The tiny parts as if they have camouflage easily get invisible on the carpet. If you are a model builder you have lost so many important and tiny parts to the carpet cleaning machine.

What to do to avoid this is;
- Build models in a room where we have no carpet or a light color carpet
- Lay a cloth under the table
- Search for your lost parts with your hands on floor before starting any kind of carpet cleaning machine.

Well just lost 2 of my bolter hands for assault squad and adding this entry to my blog....