Tuesday, October 17, 2006

How to built both Empire Warmachines from the same box?

Whn you open the Empire Warmachine box you find two sprues which make either a cannon or a mortar and 3 crewmen. Finding extra crewmen is easy using free company box but what about building both warmachines ?

I have strated very simple I built the great cannon as instructed after than I examined the parts unused. What we have ? The mortar piece, the short support leg and some accessories.

From there on using sprues and evergreen sheets I have built the mortar. Will give instrution and photos at my site.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

An HO Scale Town

I have been budy with my Warhammer armies and only dream about my HO Scale layout. I want to have a small town with a good station and a passenger station, there will be a container terminal and a small military base.

In town I want to have a supermarket (Migros), a auto dealer & auto rental, a gas station, a modern multi floor building as a technology company (web design, web hosting, hardware & software services), a small factory and a big farm near town as industry.

I want to have a 5-6 multi floor houses behind town to represent residential area and some villa style houses in front of them.

After so many buildings there will be no place for the railroad tracks :-))). Anyway back to my armies....

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Empire vs Wood Elves

Well in our local Warhammer club there are a couple of Wood Elf players. As Wood Elves are a hit-run-make opponent crazy army I can not find a good way to beat them.

Last weekend I had a new try but again failed this time more of dices. I brought an Hellblaster Volley gun and a mortar, had a crossbowmen unit to outshot the glade warriors. For hand to hand combat I had a Knights unit with Captain(g), a swordsmen unit with a fire wizard, a spearmen unit with heavens wizard and handgunner&halberdier detachments.

Well anyway I lost the game, hope this week I can do better, anyone has suggestions for Empire army against Wood Elves ? ("Do not play" suggestions do not count.)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Warhammer Fantasy Empire

There are some new about Games Workshop is releasing a new set of models for Empire army. (and also changing some rules which I have not been learned completely....) Good news is Hellblaster will be shooting more than 24" (I have 2 Hellblasters) and there will be a nebelwerfer (rocket launcher). Also there is a rumour the Master Engineer will be having a sort of one time rocket and War Priests' spells are changing with better ones.

Having a new war machine, and increase in hellblaster's effective range are the best news for me. (Empire army is a shooty army) Also I always thought Master Engineer and War Priest were useless now we can employ them in armies.

On the other hand pistoliers became ineffective as they will not be able to shoot and charge.

Anyway these were th rumours I have heard about, we will see the results in a few months I guess....

Monday, October 02, 2006

Let's get started

Hi all,

I have started a blog as my "What's New" section on my homepage is getting more and more crowded everyday.

My site Unimog's Agora is a hobby share site. I have been collecting diecast vehicles over 20 years (mostly Matchbox, Majorette), have interest in HO Model Railroading and now building (or trying to build) a layout, own Games Workshop Warhammer Armies (Fantasy - Empire, 40K - Space Marines, Mordheim - Reikslander, Panzer Battles - US Army) and also building scale models. So much hobbies for one is a bit much ? On the other hand all this models are about scale modelling...

Now I will be adding photos to my site.