Monday, June 01, 2009

Nightbringer successes...

I had 2 games last saturday. One of them was against Blood Angels where I made so many army rule-mistakes. Thanks God Blood Angels won the game phasing me out otherwise I would regret winning the game by doing mistakes. Nightbringer has shown success taking out 2 units of BAs and charging a Terminator unit -the game finished before I could kill termies- It seems if I do not play against weapons with special wounding rule I can reach enemy...

The second game was against Chaos Space Marines where Nightbringer cut down a full unit of nurgle marines then get charged by another unit. This unit to my surprise killed Nightbringer. As Nightbringer's necrodermis was breached it blew away all but one -the sergeant- marines from the squad. :-)

Nightbringer is nice if it reaches enemy at least you can expect to make some good surprises.

Meanwhile I have recognized I have not played my Black Templars for the last 6 months.

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