Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Warhammer Fantasy Empire

There are some new about Games Workshop is releasing a new set of models for Empire army. (and also changing some rules which I have not been learned completely....) Good news is Hellblaster will be shooting more than 24" (I have 2 Hellblasters) and there will be a nebelwerfer (rocket launcher). Also there is a rumour the Master Engineer will be having a sort of one time rocket and War Priests' spells are changing with better ones.

Having a new war machine, and increase in hellblaster's effective range are the best news for me. (Empire army is a shooty army) Also I always thought Master Engineer and War Priest were useless now we can employ them in armies.

On the other hand pistoliers became ineffective as they will not be able to shoot and charge.

Anyway these were th rumours I have heard about, we will see the results in a few months I guess....

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